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HardieWrap® weather barrier is an innovative, higher performing weather barrier made by James Hardie, maker of America's #1 brand of siding. HardieWrap weather barrier provides a balance of water resistance and breathability, allowing moisture (water vapor) from inside your building to escape so the area within the wall stays dry.

HardieWrap Weather Barrier

Thickness: 11 mil

Basis Weight: 19.4 lb/1000 sq ft

Sizes: 3' x 195', 9' x 100', 9' x 150', 10' x 100', 10' x 150'

Composition: Non-woven, non-perforated polyolefin

Film: MicroTech™ Coating with micropores

UV Stability: Up to 180 days

Water Holdout (AATCC127): 325 cm

Breathability/Water Vapor Permeance (ASTM E-96A): 15 perms

Air Resistance (TAPPI T-460): >1800 sec/100 cc

Tear Strength (ASTM D1117): 15/18 lbs/in

Why Use HardieWrap?

  • Reduce water damage and mold potential
  • Increase your building's energy efficiency
  • Allow walls to dry
  • Keep humidity out

Where To Use HardieWrap

  • Under any cladding*: fiber cement, wood, stucco, brick
  • Repair & Remodel
  • New Construction

* See HardieWrap Installation Guide for Details.

HardieWrap Outperforms

Water Resistance

HardieWrap Weather Barrier

Superior Water Hold Out

Air Resistance

HardieWrap Weather Barrier

Increased Resistance to Air Penetration


HardieWrap Weather Barrier

Breaths Effectively, Holds Out Humidity

HardieWrap Comparison Chart

HardieWrap Comparison Chart featuring HardieWrap weather barrier, Residential Tyvek, Commercial Tyvek, Perforated Housewrap, Building Paper #15 Felt