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General Questions

What is fiber cement?

Fiber cement is a highly durable composite material made from Portland cement, ground sand, cellulose fiber, select additives and water. Contains no asbestos, glass fibers or formaldehyde. Our products enjoy the benefits of cementitious products (they resist fire, moisture, rotting, insects) while providing the workability and ease of installation of wood (they can be nailed and saw cut). They are regarded as being friendly to the environment and are extremely low-maintenance.

Why should I use James Hardie products?

Our products offer a range of advantages - from appearance to durability - over traditional building materials. They are easy to cut, nail and paint; require minimal maintenance; and can be used to create a variety of shapes and profiles, and different textured and colored finishes.

What sets James Hardie apart from its competitors?

With billions of square feet of product sold, James Hardie is the global leader in fiber cement. The superior performance of James Hardie's differentiated products is supported by the unique product formulations and production technology. We invest tens of millions of dollars every year in research and product development. We employ over 100 scientists, engineers and technicians in the areas of Core Research and Product & Process Development. Over 50% of our scientists have advanced degrees and 45% have worked for James Hardie for over five years.

What sizes are product available in?

Sizes vary depending on the product type, please refer to the specific product information available on this website.

Where can I buy James Hardie siding and what does it cost?

Please call James Hardie Commercial customer service at 1-888-842-7343 for your closest sales representative.

What support is available to the commercial architect?

Brochures, specifications, CAD files and installation instructions are all available on this website.

What type of product warranties are available with your products?

Warranties of up to 30 years nonprorated are available. A 15 year finish warranty is available for products with ColorPlus® Technology. See our warranty page for specific product warranties.

What is the maximum height building I can specify your product on?

Typically James Hardie siding is suitable for low rise construction up to 5-6 stories in height. This varies depending upon the project location, product used and installation configuration. For detailed information please refer to our Code & Testing page.

Do I have to paint James Hardie siding?

Yes, James Hardie siding must be painted or you may order many James Hardie® products with ColorPlus® Technology. If painting, 100% acrylic topcoats are recommended. Do not paint when wet. For specific recommendations, please refer to JH Technical Bulletin No. S-100 or refer to paint manufacturers specifications. Back rolling is recommended if the siding is sprayed. Within 180 days for primed product and 90 days for unprimed.

How close to the ground can I install James Hardie products?

Model Building Codes (UBC, Standard, etc.) require that exterior sidings be installed with a minimum 6" clearance of soil. This will allow for clearance when soil is back-filled against the foundation and footings.

What is the maximum mean roof height that will support James Hardie product installation?

James Hardie will support the installation of all its products (Reveal, Artisan, Hardie, Cemplank and Prevail) with our currently available solutions for buildings with a maximum mean roof height of 75 ft. This is being done as part of the continual improvement opportunities identified by the Technical Support Request (TSR) process and in an effort to align technical support with James Hardie's MF/Commercial segment and market strategies.

It is important to note that our current ESR approval reports (available online), are primarily solutions limited to a building height of up to 60 ft. As such, for buildings with heights of 61-75 ft., it will be necessary to fill out the electronic TSR form available on our commercial website (PDF forms are outdated). The electronic TSR form can be found at: