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Your ColorPlus® Palette

The colors shown above may not be available on all James Hardie products. Please contact your sales rep for product and color availability in your area.

The ColorPlus® Process

James Hardie® siding with ColorPlus® Technology combines our advanced fiber cement formulation with a factory-applied, baked-on finish. Our products are made using the highest quality raw materials and with our proprietary manufacturing process and equipment, revolutionary finish technology and innovative color process, we're able to provide a superior siding solution for any multifamily or commercial project.

James Hardie - the largest producer of fiber-cement siding in North America - is the only siding manufacturer that controls its product from the initial mixing of the cement to final painting in one facility. To ensure that every board meets James Hardie's high standards, over 41 quality assurance checks are made throughout the manufacturing process and products are also checked at three outside testing facilities to monitor long-term durability.

The James Hardie ColorPlus technology finish also represents a revolutionary breakthrough. The paint used in the process was made especially for James Hardie siding after more than four years in development and over 2,000 formulas tested. The end result is a durable, low-maintenance finish that lasts up to two times longer, has 30% better fade resistance and adheres up to 400% better than any other paint available.¹

And, James Hardie backs its ColorPlus technology finish with a 15-year warranty that covers both paint and labor.²

All of this means that when you choose James Hardie siding products with ColorPlus technology:

  • You have the assurance you've selected the most durable, low-maintenance, highest-quality siding product possible.

1 James Hardie accelerated QUV test results compared to nationally available premium paint in lab environment. James Hardie accelerated weathering with adhesion test with brush-applied national paint in lab environment.
2 Please see warranty.

ColorPlus Technology: Color Integrity

Homes built using James Hardie Siding with ColorPlus Technology

Color integrity - a critical part of James Hardie ColorPlus technology - includes color accuracy, color-matching James Hardie siding products, consistency of the paint application, fade resistance and finish longevity.

Color Accuracy

How would you feel if one side of your project turned out to be a shade darker than the rest? James Hardie's color variance accuracy standards for our ColorPlus technology finish are three times stricter than what's acceptable for most "store-bought" paints and more tightly controlled than the automotive industry.*

Application Consistency

James Hardie's proprietary manufacturing process involves applying consistent, multiple coats of paint that was developed especially for our fiber-cement siding. Then, the paint is baked-on in a closely controlled factory environment. Our automated manufacturing process, constant quality monitoring and application of up to 50% more paint - compared to field-applied paint - provides the most consistent paint application at the optimal thickness.

Fade Resistance

Homes built using James Hardie Siding with ColorPlus Technology

Many alternative siding product finishes and paint that's applied "in the field" can fade quite substantially over time, making the colors dull and difficult to match when repairs or touch-ups are needed later on.

Because our exclusive paint is specifically engineered to withstand the sun's damaging UV (ultraviolet) rays, the James Hardie ColorPlus technology finish gives you up to 30% better fade resistance.**

*Source: James Hardie accelerated QUV test results compared to nationally available premium paint in lab environment.
**James Hardie Weatherometer testing.

Touch-up Notice to Contractors

Touch-up Notice to Contractors

Notice to contractors regarding third party touch-up paint use and related warranty coverage. View PDF file in English, French or Spanish.

ColorPlus Touch-up Kits - Cold Climates Notice

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